My mother told me every day before I went to school, “Gillian, you were born for greatness. In every moment, you choose to add or take away from that greatness.” I did the math on how many times she must have said those words to me. It amounted to over 3,640 times.

I didn’t always know what she meant, and on more than one occasion I ‘took away’ from that greatness by making less than stellar choices. But that eventually changed. I realized a few things in my thirties (What can i say? It took me awhile). #1 My greatness is IN me, not out there; #2 Growing my greatness is my purpose;  #3 Everyone was born for greatness; #4 Realizing your greatness does not detract from anyone else’s; #5 No one can diminish or detract from your greatness; and #6 Hiding or ignoring your greatness does a disservice to everyone.

My mom’s words were a gift. This blog is an exercise in letting everyone know what I know to be true. It is an exercise in growing my own greatness and my gift to you.

Dr. GEE is an island girl that carries the peace of the tradewinds in her spirit and the words of her mother in her heart.


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