Fall012Long road trips are conducive for telling stories from the past. If you’ve been on enough of those trips with your family members, you will have heard the same stories for years. They typically begin with. “Remember that time…” Life is not much different. Every time we plan a new destination, we pack up the bags, fire up the ole GPS (or for those of us who still do – print out the directions), and embark on yet another journey.

Our triumphs have been great and our tragedies seemed insurmountable. The things we accomplish and overcome become woven into the fabric of who we are, and are as difficult to remove safely as a pull on a sweater. After all, if we eradicate them it would all unravel wouldn’t it? If we were to leave them behind, who would we be then?

Objects may appear larger than they really are. Constantly rehashing the memories of a wrong you have suffered, means that you have not yet forgiven yourself or someone else. It means that while you have endured the rawness and roughness of the challenge, and have made it past that moment in time, you live with it as part of your current day experience. The weight of past success is no less of a strain. We can easily rely on the reputation of a former achievement to remain stalled.

When we hitch our past to the vehicle, we can add drag. The point in encountering “life mountains” is for you to learn something that you can use to get past the next impasse or to give you the ability to assist someone else- not to take the past with you. I invite you to give the important moments of your past a knowing side glance or a quick look back in gratitude. After all, they happened. A long gaze or frequent checks to make sure that they are still attached, means a sure delay in reaching your next destination.

Purpose means that there is something more to do. If you keep looking back, you are not on the journey of finding out what is left to be done –your motor is idling. You’re missing the point (and one heck of a view)!


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